Kim and Kanye to Buy Three More Mansions Around the World

Kim and Kanye are reportedly looking to buy three more mega mansions before their first born child, the aptly named "Kim-ye", is born.  We can get over the baby name -- we are talking about two of the most vain people on earth, but three mansions??  TMZ broke the story, and it looks like this dynamic duo are looking to buy in New York, Paris and Milan - in addition to their new 10 million dollar pad in Bel Air.  Kim already has her DASH stores in a couple of those cities, so she'll be able to keep tabs on the biz.  We're wondering... do they plan to spend a few months in each, or just have them to have them?  When you have that much money, might as well?  Everyone knows Kim got rich sucking off Ray J, so we're a little unsure where Kanye's head is (besides Kim's mouth).  The pair just arrived back from Rio on a little getaway - it sounds like the stress from Kim's pregnancy is causing some cramping.  We'll all be curious to see how Kim looks after having that baby!  Maybe we can get a post-pregnancy sex tape from these two!